Machine Learning Search Technology for Private Data

AGNES offers the world’s most powerful data system for searching, reviewing, and making sense of unstructured data at massive scale and in real-time.

    Disorganized Data to Actionable Intelligence

    Makes Sense of Petabytes of Data
    (Data Lakes)

    AGNES offers the only search technology that becomes more effective at scale. AGNES gives structure to unstructured data (emails, audio, video, social media), enabling you to gain intellectual mastery over staggering data volumes.

    Detects Trends in a Firehose of Data
    (Data Rivers)

    AGNES provides organizations with a bespoke intelligence platform capable of ingesting open-source and proprietary data in real time, showing you trends in the data and revealing actionable intelligence that nobody else can see.

    Delivers Massive Value Without Training
    (Unsupervised ML)

    AGNES Solves Unstructured Data

    80% of Enterprise Data is unstructured.

    Less than 0.5% of that data is analyzed.

    AGNES unlocks the value of your unstructured data.

    AGNES Solves Impossible Data Problems

    AGNES discovers the hidden structure and patterns within millions or billions of data points.

    Before AGNES, this was impossible.

    AGNES solves “tough luck” data problems.

    AGNES Solves Unknown-Unknowns

    AGNES Machine Learning technology analyzes your data and auto-generates an organic table-of-contents without pre-existing taxonomies or dictionaries.

    AGNES shows you what is in your data – not just what you knew to look for.

    Technology Schematic

    Find Hidden Connections

    AGNES’ technology instantly generates a hierarchical, context-sensitive table of contents from your unlimited volumes of data, allowing you to drill down into keywords and discover connections you didn’t know to look for.

    Detect Trends in Real-Time

    AGNES ingests and analyzes unstructured data (news, podcasts, social media) in real-time, detecting trends and showing you what is trending at the moment. Our technology helps you take advantage of trends that nobody else can see.

    Say Goodbye to Training Sets

    Virtually all ML systems in use today are supervised systems requiring a team of data scientists to train and tune the system (often for weeks or months) before it is capable of useful insights. AGNES’ core technology uses Agglomerative Nesting (AgNes), a form of unsupervised ML that delivers value immediately upon deployment without the need for costly and time-consuming “model training.”

    Who We Work With

    AGNES helps organizations across multiple industries gain actionable insights.

    White Papers

    Advisors and Partners

    James Clement

    Senior Advisor, Financial Services

    Jack Donohue

    NYPD Chief of Strategic Initiatives (Ret.)

    “As the NYPD Chief of Strategic Initiatives, I had the opportunity to work with cutting-edge data analytics and Machine Learning systems. After I retired from the NYPD in 2020, I became involved with AGNES Intelligence. AGNES solves a huge pain point for anyone responsible for collecting and analyzing unstructured data at large scale. AGNES is particularly appealing because it provides value immediately — without the need for the model to be trained.”

    LTC Allan Thomas (Ret.)

    President, Thomas Solutions Inc.

    “My 20-year career in U.S. Army Special Forces taught me that processing information quickly is a key to battlefield success. One of the biggest challenges facing Defense Intelligence is the staggering volume of data that must be analyzed in real-time. AGNES offers a unique and exquisite solution to massive data volumes.”

    Erik B Weinick, Esq.

    Partner, Otterbourg P.C.

    “We represented a fiduciary in a complex litigation involving more than 11 million emails. Conventional review methods were not practical within our time-frame and budget. Using AGNES, we started finding “hot” documents within moments. Because of AGNES, we completed the document review in a fraction of the time, saving the client seven-figures.”

    Hon. Thomas I. Vanaskie (Ret.)

    U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals

    Yasser Said, M.D.

    Physician Leader, Advocate Aurora Health

    “The Medical Profession is drowning in data. COVID demonstrated the problem – hundreds of thousands of articles about COVID were produced, yet nobody could make the data easily accessible. AGNES’ search technology is a completely new experience. Connections in the data literally jump off the screen. The implications of this technology for medicine are staggering.”

    Solomon (Sol) Cates

    CTO, Cloud & Cyber Expert, Thales Group

    Paul Goldenberg

    President, Cardinal Point Strategies

    “At Cardinal Point, we review countless new technologies. When we saw AGNES technology, we knew it was special. AGNES has developed, hands down, the world’s best technology for analyzing vast amounts of data. The opportunities for AGNES technology in the Intelligence / Homeland Security space are unlimited.”

    David Grasso

    Founder & CEO of

    “Nobody is happy with today’s information ecosystem. The tsunami of information makes it virtually impossible to escape the echo chamber. AGNES understands the problem and has invented an ingenious solution. We are proud to partner with AGNES to disrupt the news industry.”